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Drywall Master

Drywall Master King Automatic Taper

Drywall Master King Automatic Taper

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King Automatic Taper is a high-quality automatic taping gun that consistently and accurately applies the right amount of tape and mud to butt joints, ceiling joints, and corner joints. It minimizes wasted time and materials, ensuring an even, appropriate amount of mud regardless of the user’s skill and speed. Meanwhile, taping professionals will see increased speed and profitability.


  • Exclusive quick-clean lid latch.

  • Knurled control tube for non-slip grip.

  • Easy to clean removable lid.

  • Quick change tape spool holder.

  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum parts for long wear.

  • Adjustable clicker for the perfect feel.

  • Cushioned trigger for comfort.

  • Hard coated main tube, built to last.

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