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Drywall Master

Drywall Master Gladiator Box Handle

Drywall Master Gladiator Box Handle

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Lightweight – 180 Degrees Movement 

Maximize safety and minimize strain with our wide variety of handles to accompany our array of flat finishing boxes. The handles are quickly exchangeable using a simple wingnut system to tighten and release.

Gladiator Finishing Handle

  • Lightweight 1-1/4″ tubing design. Thicker than competitor brands, reducing flex on longer lengths.
  • 180 degrees of movement allows for greater versatility during use.
  • Brake lever design allows for screw-in attachments for increased reach. Ideal for odd jobs with tall ceiling heights. Screw-in extensions are available in 2′, 3′ and 4′ Lengths.
  • Available in lengths 3′, 42″, 4′, 54″, 5′ and 6′
  • Available as a 21″ Handle. Ships with a 3′ Extension.
  • Extension Lengths: 2′, 3′, 4′
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